Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

BatRep Team-Tournament 1.500 pts.

Nobody was happy about this unholy alliance. The Blood Angels had to stay calm in order to avoid ripping their allies apart. But the chapter needed some bucks to "buy" new recruits. My Tyranids decided to devour the bio-mass after the tournament and so we started to plan our unholy pact we would unleash on our dear enemies. So the swarm brooded its "planetfall army" with a flyrant, 2 zoas in pod, 10 termas in pod, tervigon, 3x10 genestealers and a trygon. The Blood Angels decided to play a deep striking army consisting of a scriptor, furioso cybot in pod, sanguinius priest, 2x10 stormmarines, 10 tacticals in redeemer and a stormraven.