Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Project Druchii Corsairs

First of all, dear Lords and Hags, I would like to accomodate you to my thoughts on this project. I wanted to field a corsair list consisting of models I like (COK, Corsairs, BG) and fluffy ones (Hydra, Shades, DR, Harpies). After some constructive comments in this forum and from some friends the following, competitive so I hope, list emerged from my misty mind:

Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

BatRep Warhammer Tournament 2.500 points

Now, finally I´ve found my cam under tons of dice and other treacherous game utilities. So, I´m ready to repent my sins during my first 5 games of Warhammer Fantasy according to the new edition. As you can see 2 posts earlier, I fielded a Lizardmen army. But enough of beating around the bush, lets start with my semi-castratio Battle Report:

Montag, 27. September 2010

Freitag, 24. September 2010

Dark Eldar Mini & Prequel Warhammer Fantasy 2.500 Tournament

First of all, for you hungry guys out there, here a pic of a new Dark Eldar warrior:

Sonntag, 29. August 2010

BatRep Carinthian Championships 1.850 points

Ouch, that did really hurt. An unlucky combination of desastrous dice rolls and my own stupidity has cost me dear. I have to admit, that I ended 17th out of 20 participants at this years Carinthian Championships. The tournament itself was really nice and full of 40k-crazy guys. The highlight was a participant from the Netherlands which I had the honour to play against. But lets start with the appologies for my bad results:

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

Carinthian Championships - prelude

This weekend the Carinthian Championships will commence in the holy halls of our gaming club "Gilead". So the Hivefleet Aurantius is preparing 1.850 points of DNA-hungry creatures to drop out of the sky and devour everything that moves.

Montag, 2. August 2010

BatRep Tournament 1.500 pts.

And again my Hive Fleet clawed out of their army case and invaded the local store. With only 6 participants it was rather small, but hey, its for fun and ofcourse for the swarm. As usual I fielded my planetfall armylist consisting of a flyrant, 2 zoas in pod, 30 genes, 10 termas in pod, tervimom and a trygon prime.

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

BatRep Team-Tournament 1.500 pts.

Nobody was happy about this unholy alliance. The Blood Angels had to stay calm in order to avoid ripping their allies apart. But the chapter needed some bucks to "buy" new recruits. My Tyranids decided to devour the bio-mass after the tournament and so we started to plan our unholy pact we would unleash on our dear enemies. So the swarm brooded its "planetfall army" with a flyrant, 2 zoas in pod, 10 termas in pod, tervigon, 3x10 genestealers and a trygon. The Blood Angels decided to play a deep striking army consisting of a scriptor, furioso cybot in pod, sanguinius priest, 2x10 stormmarines, 10 tacticals in redeemer and a stormraven.

Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

BatRep Tournament 1.500 pts.

This saturday I visited a 1.500 points 40k tournament with my Hive Fleet Aurantium, fielding my favourite infiltration/outflank/deep strike armylist consisting of the following:

Flyrant (230) Hive Commander (25) Toxic Sacs (10)
2 Zoantrophes (120) Spore (40)
10 Termagants (50) Spore (40)
1 Tervigon (160) Regeneration (30) Adrenal Glands (10) Toxic Sacs (10) Cluster Spines(0)
10 Genestealers (140) Toxic Sacs (30)
10 Genestealers (140) Toxic Sacs (30)
10 Genestealers (140) Toxic Sacs (30)
1 Trygon (200) Prime (40)Regeneration (25)

1st game was about KP vs Black Templars.

I deployed the Flyrant and Tervimom because we started with 1HQ and up to 2 troops units just in order to make a influence in his movement phase because I knew he would stay away of my Flyrant and run into open space where I could deep strike and outflank easier. I expected most action in that area of the tabletop.

And I was right. Within 1 additional turn that area was bursting with activities. While my genestealers ripped the Assault Termies out of the way, the Tervimom sliddered pathetically on her temporary Good-Bye-Lenin-DVD-base and managed to lose wound after wound while my Termagaunts were forced to rush into the combat and save the day. In the upper left corner of the pic you can see the feet of the big Templar unit which wanted to support this chosen area but I rushed in with my Flyrant, knowing he would die, but he would take the Champ of the Emperor with him so it was a KP exchange. Further it was a goal to get those Templars busy until my 3rd Genestealer unit arrived to finish the job.

This is about the 5th turn in a 6 turns game. The jerking Tervimom found its end but also did most of the threatening units in my dear opponent´s army. In the 6th turn I lost a Spore but rushed in with my Trygon and destroyed his Drop Pod in return so I won 8:6 KP.

First game won, 2 more to go, and the next one was a Tau player and 2 MO to conquer.

Early in the game I concentrated on holding my MO (Mageknight guy bottom left) and contesting the second (right upper corner behind the tree). I also deep striked in the middle of the table in order to distract a little bit.

After a disapointing Tau shooting phase the way was free for my party animals. I also managed to destroy a transporter with my Spore, so the fire warriors were forced to continue on foot. My Tervimom bred 2 Terma units (14 and 12) and conquested also the second MO (half Mageknight guy right). With murderous beasts at their heels and in brutal close combat actions, the Tau were beaten in turn 5.

2 games, 2 wins and now against a Ork guy with 2 massacre wins ... gulp! We were playing 4 MOs, so I placed 1 in my corner (hold) and 1 near one of his near the table edge (contest). He placed his second MO somewhere in the middle where it would see no action, as I thought.

Blessed with 3 of my 4 synapse cratures I attacked a weak wing of his "deployment" (end of movement turn 2) and destroyed a Pikk-Up with 12 Boys within. He could just respond with a Boss-Biker mob and 12 other Boyz from a near Pikk-Up. And this is where hell began to burn my lady Fortuna. The Orkz shot and killed a lot, because I failed most of my save rolls.

This is how it looked like after the Ork close combat phase. Fething hell!!! I just had one chance left. Outflank on the left table edge (which I managed) and hold 1 MO. The second thing was not so easy. I outflanked my Tervimom in the middle of the Orks and hoped to breed a lot and survive in order to contest. But the Orks were just to many and to tough. I got all my guys erased and there were 2 MOs on that side. But I managed to distract his troop units by charging at angles which pulled them away from the MOs. I was just partially successfull, because I couldn´t prevent him from also holding 1 MO, but at least from holding 2 instead. So at the end of the game I had just 1 unit genestealers left while he was hovering around with his troops just where I distracted them.

So the last game ended in a draw (with terrible losses for me, but never the less) and I was placed 2nd in a 10 players tournament.

Things I´ve learned:
- Again, always keep the victory conditions in mind. Count KPs and keep an eye on subsequent turns and how you could hold/contest MOs.
- Don´t waste your units. But if it seems advantageous, sacrifice them in order to win the game (e.g. sacrifising a Hive Tyrant for a Emperors Champ sounds silly, but it kept the bigb Templar out of action until my own reinforcements arrived).
- Even if everything seems lost, think about the options. I´ve got my butt kicked by greet feet. I was about to head into nothing. So what do I have to lose? Nothing! I made a risky plan which I followed until I turned a desastrous defeat in a draw.

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

BatRep Tyranids VS Necrons 1.850 pts

Yesterday I playtested my Tyranid armylist with wich I intend to bring in the battlefields of the austrian championship this year in Vienna. My list was the following one:

1x 1 Winged Hive Tyrant with Old Adversary and Hive Commander
1x 1 Tyranid Prime with a pair of Boneswords and Toxin Glands
2x 2 Zoantrophes in Mycetic Spore
3x 10 Genestealers with Toxin Glands
1x 10 Termagants in Mycethic Spore
1x Tervigon with Regeneration, Toxin & Adrenal Sacs
1x 10 Gargoyles
1x 1 Trygon Prime with Regeneration

Friend Lipse fielded the following miniatures:

1x 1 Nightbringer
1x 7 Immortals
3x 11 Warriors
2x 6 Destroyers
1x 1 Monolith

It was all about 3 mission objectives with a spearhead deployment. He got the first turn, deployed everything but a single warrior unit which should come through the Mono. The first turn was dominated by Necron maneuvring as I kept all my units in reserve in order to outflank/deep strike. In the second turn Lipse maneuvred a little bit more and then aprox. 1/3 of my army came in. 2 Zoas reduced the Mono´s firepower by 1, the Gargoyles covered the Immortals with their spit, doing nothing else, but ruining their paint. The Hive Tyrant deep striked near the Destroyers at a border edge the only unit Genestealers came in in order to use Old Adversary, but was to far away, even through running. So the Genestealers assaultet the Destroyers without support and managed to kill two (one rending). The Trygon Prime deep striked in front of a building full with 22 Necron warriors in order to charge next turn.

In the third the C´tan laid a hand in the cc, but only managed to kill two Genestealers which killed one Destroyer and passed the Ld test. In the meanwhile the Mono thinned my lines by failing the most hit or wound rolls with his 12" "round it goes" weapon and costed a Mycethic Spores 2Ws. The Immortals shot at the Trygon Prime and tore a W out. Then 22 warriors and the Destroyers opened fire and made just 6 wounds. With a grin I rolled my 3+ saves and regarded my opponent with 4 "2s" 1 "6" and a "1". So much about my mighty monstrous creature. In my turn everything came on 2+ from reserves. Thus 2 units Genestealer and the Zoas with the Tyranid Prime chose to stay abord my mothership for a while. With a sigh I continued my turn and killed with my Genestealers in that everlasting cc 2 other Destroyers but lost 4 Genestealers. I passed my Ld test and the cc lasted on. The Zoas and Gargoyles shot at the Immortals and managed to kill all but two, which turned the metal tail and fled. The Tervimom entered the board from the wrong edge and made her/him/it- self to the MO in the middle of the field. The Hive Tyrant charged the warriors in the building which dared to massacre my Trygon and killed 4 of them, but suffered a W in return. The warriors made their Ld test with 7 on a 7 ... damned, I wanted to overrun them.

The 4th turn was interesting as 2 Immortals stood up and killed one Zoa. The Mono reduced the other Zoa to 1W and killed 5 Gargoyles and the Mycethic Spore. The Destroyers on the Tervimoms side opened fire, but could do nothing but tingle on her carapace. The Necron warrors decided that this was the time and visited us from the reserves, sniping 2 Gargoyles (the rest was to far away). In a demonstration of incompetence in the cc Deathbringer/Destroyer VS Genestealer hugged each other and did no damage. The Tyrant killed another 4 warriors but they held their ground with a 3. The surviving Gargoyles and Zoa roasted 3 Immortals. My fresh arrived Zoas with the Tyranid Prime shot at the warriors which emerged from the Mono and killed 6 metal warriors. The rest fled. On the other side of the carnage my Tervimom bred 14 Termagaunts (6,6,2) and sterilised herself for further breeding. In the following shooting by 2 Mycethic Spores, 15 Termagaunts (some of the new brood were in range) 4 Destructors hit the ground. Crazy! The cc with the Genestealers ended as all faded by the hand of the Deathbringer without being able to do any damage by themselves.

The 5th turn began with a desaster for the Necrons as neither the 4 dead Dessis returned, nor 3 of the Immortals which have even been ported through the Mono. The Hive Tyrant emerged vicourious from the combat with the warriors and repositioned himself on the roof of the building. My 1W Zoa died a horrible death through the Mono, and even the Gargoyles were reduced to 1 model. The 2 surviving Dessis and the one survivor from the Genestealer cc shot at the other Zoas but did no damage (3+ just rocks, but don´t let the Trygon Prime hear that). Lipse positioned his last warriors in the first floor of the building so I wouldn´t be able to charge them in the subsequent turn. After some shooting my Tyrant was reduced to 2W. Having just little units left, his turn ended very quickly. So it was my turn and as a suprise I made both bad behavior tests for the Gargoyle and the 10 Termas units which were out of synapse range. So I rushed and run toward 2 mission objectives with the Termas I just mentioned, the new born Termay, 2 units Genestealers and the Tervimom ... 5 scoring units on 2 mission objectives - that should be enough! My Tyrant descended from the roof, regained a W by leeching the fleeing warrior unit and braced himlesf for impact, contesting the MO in the building. The Tyranid Prime seperated from the Zoa unit and disembowled the 2 remaining Dessis. The Zoas shot concentrated psychic lances at the surviving one Immortal but failed to do any harm. Being of no use, I let the Gargoyle charge the last surviving Destruktor and made 6 to hit, which has been the end for the poor Dessi. I just love sucidal runs, when they work and that´s rare enough. We rolled for another turn, which came. But as the shop was closing and it was rather clear that I would contest his MO and keep my both, we agreed on letting the game end, so I won with 2-0.

Things I´ve learned this time:

1. Setting priorities works.
1a I´ve tried to kill his contesting fast units (Dessis)
1b I´ve kept my plan to get the Deathbringer involved in a cc and hope he would be kept out of business for a while (it worked better than I thought)
2. Always take a look at your opponents strenghts (here I´ll be back, Dessis)
3. Always take a look at your opponents weaknesses (here phase-out which didn´t work and expensive units like Deathbringer and Mono)
4. Keep ´em busy! In the meanwhile you can eye on what really matters - mission objectives.

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

4 Generals 2nd game at 1.000 points

Last Saturday I grabed my swarm and warped to the mighty halls of conquest and glory in order to face my opponent. But suprise, Kevin, the copyright-violator used my own tactics against me. He fielded an Eldar army following the mean strategies I´ve posted on my blog when I used to play Saim-Hann. And this was his tribute:

Farseer, Soulstones, Doom, re-roll hits "spell"
8 Banshees, Exarch, S5 blade in Serpent with 2 ShurCas (Farseer within)
5 Firedragons in Serpent with 2 ShurCas
2x3 Jetbikes
3 Warwalkers with 2 ShurCas each
1 Fire Prism, Holo

First thing I thought was "damned" and the second one was "hmmm, just 2 scoring units at a mission objective mission? Yeah baby, yeah!"

Before a game starts I like to think about what I want to do. In this game I´ve seen that I´ll be troubled by all the skimmers, contesting and claiming mission objectives. So the primary targets were:
1. Kill all jetbikes (so the worst case could be a draw)
2. Destroy or imobilise the skimmers

1st turn:
As I kept my whole army in reserve (army list see previous blog entry) the first turn was rather quick. Suprisingly Kevin deployed his jetbikes instead of keeping them in reserve ... ok, works fine for me. He maneuvred his skimmers so, that the firedragons had a difficult terrain in their back and the other two tanks were exactly at the tableborder. That would make it impossible for the banshees to jump out of their serpent and charge.

2nd turn:
I began the second turn with rolling my hive tyrant, a zoantrophe and two genestealer untis into the game. As the Eldar massed his units at the centre of the board I deepstriked the tyrant in my table quarter in order to charge next turn. The Zoa immobilised the firedragons serpent and the mycethic spore desintergrated one jetbike unit with a little help of my hive tyrant. The genestealers attempted to charge the warwalkers, which were about 15" from the table edge (both genestealer units got to choose from which edge to outflank). One unit made it into cc and destroyed a warwalker (thanx randing there are no chances to a glancing hit and I need a 4, 5 or 6 to destroy a warwalker).
I lost one and he continued the slaughter by "firedragoning" my mycethic spore and the zoa lost a wound as the farseer (!!) shot at the creature. Despite of doom and all the re-rolls, my hive tyrant didn´t even lose a wound. On the other side I lost a genestealer but destroyed a warwalker too.

3rd turn:
The rest of my army came in and I deep striked my termagaunts infront of the bikes but shot at the firedragons which lost 3 men. The trygon prime also came in front of the bikes and with some help of the mycethic spore, his second and last scoring unit was dead. Now I´ve got to get rid of the fast skimmers. One was immobilised, so I charged the other one with the hive tyrant. Maybe he will die in the subsequent turn, but I´m playing toward a possible win, so I have to eliminate all fast moving threats. I managed to immobilise the serpent which wasn´t what I hoped (damaging the banshees insede) but for the purpose of eliminating his fast units, it worked well. The hormagaunts deep striked behind my trygon and run towards the assimilation party and to a mission objectives. The genestealers killed the last warwalker and ran to the next terrain to get cover.
Realising he couldn´t win this game, Kevin tried to do as much damage as possible. He pired his prism at my genestealers and killed 3, so one genestealer remained. The serpents shot at the termagaunts and killed 4 of them. With a ear-popping shreek, the banshees charged my tyrant and the zoa and ripped them to pieces ... oh, feht!! The Firedragons fired on the one-genestealer-unit but he made his cover save.

Time for a second glace at the options:
1. He can´t win any more (no bikes left)
2. One fast skimmer left and the rest of his army shouldn´t be near enough to contest a mission objective.
3. At the beginning of the game I deployed a mission objective near one of his. I outflanked the genestealers there and deep striked the hormagaunts (termagaunts would have bin better, but I needed them for the firedragons). Now this strategy began to work as I would concentrate my scoring units in that area (the objectives were 7" away from eachother.
4. I could charge the banshees with my termagaunts in hope to cause some causualties. But I want to keep the banshees out of contesting range. If I charge they would get nearer through the massacre movement. So I´ll let them get slaughtered!

4th turn:
I double charged the immobilised firedragon serpent and the fireprism with my trygon. I destroyed the serpent, but as it had moved previous turn, I had to roll a 4+ to hit (re-roll missed hits thanx talons) the fire prism with 5 attacks. All missed (incl. re-rolls). I was not amused! I shot 3 banshees with termagaunts and the mycethic spore and devoured the firedragons with my hormas. But the point was, I´ve let the damned skimmer alive ...
... which laughed at my luck and flew to my hormas (holding objective 1) to contest and shot at my 5 genestealers which lost 2 (face down in the dirt behind a tree gives a 3+ cover save). The bansees shot with the last sperpent at the termagaunts and killed 5, then the chicks charged and killed them all.

5th turn:
I drew back in the woods with my hormas and followed with the trygon in order to keep them in synapse range as they moved out by retreating. The one-man-genestealer-unit moved to the 2nd objective to help holding it. The trygon shot at the banshees (with a little help of the mycethic spore) and killed all but 1 banshee (incl. farseer ... har har har, autokill spores are nice). I widened my horma line and claimed both objectives with this one unit
The banshee moved, ran (6") and charged in difficult terrain (6") into the hormas just to be slaughtered by the fearsome foe. But Kevin achieved what he wanted and pulled my hormas away from the second mission objective as I rolled to low for the massacre movement. Grabing his last chance (and contesting my second mision objective) the prism shot at the genestealers and killed three of the three genestealers unit and killed one horma. My one genestealer unit made its cover save and as it came to no further turns, I won the game with 1 mission objective to 0.

Things I learned:
1. Keep an eye on the mission objectives
2. Make a priority list (which enemy units can harm you, claim mission objectives, ruin your plan to win the game,...)
3. Follow your priority list (I shouldn´t have split my attacks between the two skimmers, but I should have throw everything a trygon can deliver on the still intact fire prism)
4. Always take enough troop choices.
5. Sometimes sacrificing a unit can be the right thing. In my case I sacrificed the termagaunts in order to slow down the banshees.

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

4 Generals

Last month a brand new 4 generals project started. A perfect chance to build my tyranid army. The following armies have been foolish enough to step into the path of a hungry swarm:

- Black Templars
- Space Wolfes
- Imperial Army
- Eldar
- Daemons

The first game was based on 500 points and this was my army list:

1 Winged Tyrant (230)
1 Zoantrophe in Spore (100)
2x5 Genestealers with Toxin Sacs (170)

We can play as many games as we want but only one counts regarding the score list for the 4 generals project. Of course we have to announce the game as counting before we start the carnage. My first prey was the Black Templars chapter consinsting of the following:

1 Commander
1 Cybot
5 Marines
5 Marines + 2 Scouts
1 Predator

Originally I wanted to deep strike/outflank my whole army, but I rather decided to begin the game with my Tyrant on the table. As a punishment for this foolish thought, he died in the first turn. First he lost 2W in the Templar´s shooting phase and then lost further two by flying through a jungle and attempting to use a psychik skill - pathetic. But as soon as the reinforcements came in, the sun shined again. 5 Genesetealers managed to kill the 5 guys unit within 2 cc turns and the Zoa exploded the Predator. After suffering minimal losses the Cybot exploded too. As it was a KP mission I´ve won by 3-2.

This weekend is the next game (based on mission objectives) and I will use the fresh DNA to create the following 1.000 points army list:

1 Winged Tyrant with Hive Commander (255)
1 Zoantrophe in Spore (100)
2x5 Genestealers with Toxin Sacs (170)
14 Termagaunts in Spore (110)
10 Hormagaunts in Spore (100)
Trygon Prime with Regeneration (265)

I don´t expect this list to win, but I need some scoring units. And with the goal of building up a planetfall style army in my mind, I want all my miniatures to deep strike/outflank/infiltrate. Style is better then an army lists which will crush your opponent and your friendships.

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Some paintwork

Giving the stuff I have to deal with every day, its a little wonder that I can spare some time for my blog. This time it will be some pics of my own miniatures and a paint job for Poke.

First of all my Mortheim Skaven Warband "Creeping Threat":

The Heroes Raging Claw (Black Skaven), Silent Paw (Assassin) and Lightning Claw (Black Skaven).

The sorcerer Warpsnout.

My Heroes Brave Heart and Iron Musk (Nightrunners).

2 of my henchmen from various henchmen groups like "Sewer Divers", "Tactical Retreaters", "Silent Berserks", and so on.

The Ratogre Neck-Smack.

On the following the paintjob (Night Lords Rhino) for Poke:

Right side and a little bit from the back (yes, the guy glued the backdoor himself).

Left side and the chaos boy´s back.

Front and left side again.

The thunderbolts a little bit nearer.

Montag, 5. April 2010

Back to Blog

Being cut off of the world wide synapse, I´ve been unable to write any articles on my blog. But now, creeping out of the unspeakable dephts and perils of an internet-less life, I´m back. This is just a brief warning of things I´ve missed to report about and which will befall upon those, foolish enough to enter this uncrypted blog-vaults:

- Warhammer 40k Batrep at 1850

- The rest of my Xenology Tyranid Articles

- Experience reports regarding Tyranid units in Battle

- My painting and converting progress

- Interesting Tyranid Army Lists and Ideas

- Selfmade free downloadable Tyranid Reference Sheet

- And many many more crazyness

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

Xenology Tyranids 21 FA Spore Mine Cluster

Starting Abilities:
One ... everything just a 1! Well, what do you expect of a living bomb? When it explodes, you get a Large Blast with S4. The only thing is, that you have to deploy the models after selecting deployment zones but before any units are deployed. They also com via Deep Strike, so you are even more limited as they will probably scatter.

Imo the worst Fast Attack choice, if not the worst in the whole Codex. We will see, how more clever Hive Minds then me can benefit from this unit.

Xenology Tyranids 20 FA Harpy

Starting Abilities:
Now this is a fat and ugly chicken! S5, T5, 4W, I5, 2A and a 4+Sv makes the Harpy the toughest Fast Attack Choice. As a Monstrous Creature it ignores Sv and re-rolls 1s to hit. Its firepower is not to be underestimated as the Harpy starts with a multishot middle range weapon, a long range Large Blast & Pinning gun and can suprise the enemy with its droppings. Yes, droppings! Once per game the Harpy may drop D3 Large Blast suprises with S4 on some unlucky opponents, the Harpy flew over ... ieeeeeeh!! Oh, and it has Wings in order to get to the party in time. Btw., birdy is Fearless and screeches so loud that it counts as equipped with Assault Grenades and any attacked unit halves its I for the reminder of the assault phase in which this "Screeching Chicken of Unglorious Death by Droppings" (SCUDD) assaults.

You can exchange the Large Blast weapon for a S9 Blast weapon or the middle range Stinger Salvo for Cluster Spines which gives you a Large Blast weapon wqith S5. Make the Harpy tougher with Regeneration or equip it with Poisoned A(4+) or Furious Charge.

Wow, a nice choice. Its tough and can cloud the enemy in 2 Large Blasts per turn and additional d3 Large Blasts once per game. You can also keep a middle range weapon if you want to save some points. The Harpy can defend itself in cc and even win some combat against small units. Imo we will see more of them in tournaments, especially when GW makes it to produce a kit for this creature.

Xenology Tyranids 19 FA Gargoyle Brood

Starting Abilities:
Average stats as a Termagant but with Wings and very important: Blinding Venom. It means that every 6 on the to hit roll automatically causes a wound.

Upgrade your brood with Furious Charge or Poisoned A(4+)

A quick moving unit with chances to get creatures down which are blessed with a high T. At this point value a nice choice, but unprotected they will perish like a Nurgle Deamon raiding a penicilin factory.

Xenology Tyranids 18 FA Sky-Slasher Swarm Brood

Starting Abilities:
Same as in my previous Ripper Swarm article, just with Wings.

Same as in my previous Ripper Swarm article, despite the Tunnel Swarm option.

All Tactica and Thoughts mentioned in my previous Ropper Swarm article apply to this unit. But I would like to mention the following: If your Troops Choices are already full and you want to field some Swarms, this is your chance. With Wings you can also Deep Strike as you would have upgradet the Troops Swarms with the Tunnel Swarm option. But it costs you 3 points more than in the Troops Section. On the other hand the 3 points are well spent because you also get the unit type Jump Infantry which makes maneuvring easier. So you can get to the desired place of the table very quick.

Xenology Tyranids 17 FA Ravener Brood

Starting Abilities:
With WS5, S4, I5, 4A and two sets Scything Talons this guys are made for cc VS light units. Despite of their 5+Sv they should survive long enough with T4 and 3W to make some troubles. They have Acute Senses and can Deep Strike. As Beasts and with Move Through Cover they should be also quick enough to get to the party.

VS heavy infantry Raveners can be equipped with Rending Claws. With some luck you could get some 6es. Further options are Devourers, Deathspitters (both middle range weapons) and a nice Spinefist (giving them 4 shots at 12" per model)

If you Deep Strike them, take care of parking them behind LOS blocking terrain pieces and if possible able to charge the enemy in the next turn. Maybe you want to Deep Strike infront the enemy end reward him with some Spinefist kisses. But if you deploy them at the start of the game, you should get every cover you can get as the opponent will learn how quick this unit can come into cc.

Xenology Tyranids 16 FA Tyranid Shrike Brood

Starting Abilities:
Almost as they brothers in the Troops Section, this creatures are nice too. Just check my previous Tyranid Warriors article. But this ones start with Wings, which makes them more effective regarding their movement and a 5+Sv.

Completely the same as the guys in the Troops Section, just a little bit more complicated in the description. But after studying this choice, you´ll understand that everything that is possible with the Troops Warriors is also possible with a Tyranid Shrike Brood.

There is only one difference between the two choices. The Tyranid Shrike Brood costs 5 points more and gets Wings for that. Thats it. They´re quicker which makes them a more interesting choice when you decide to run a cc army.

Xenology Tyranids 15 TR Ripper Swarm Brood

Starting Abilities:
With I,WS&BS2 and a 6+Sv they are crap. But they can have a sense because of 3W and 4A. This swarms are Fearless and ... well ... Swarms. Unfortunatelly they are Mindless so they will mostly lose wounds if outer Synapse range.

Upgrade them as you wish. You can give them a Spinefist or Furious Charge, maybe even Poisoned A(4+). A interesting upgrade is to give them the Deep Strike Ability.

You can use this guys in different ways. Charge some light infantry, you´ll get 5A per Model if you charge. Clean some mission objectives or contest them. Deep Strike infront of your opponent to distract his firepower or give your units a cover Sv under some circumstances. You could even Deep Strike and let the Spinefist speak ... 4 shots on 12" per Ripper Swarm base ... just imagine 10 of them Deep Striking 40 shots in a suprised aspect warriors unit ... HAR HAR HAR!!

Xenology Tyranids 14 TR Hormagaunt Brood

Starting Abilities:
Hormas! I like them. In charge you get an I5 attack for just 2 points. Yes, its true, because they cost 6 points each and have 2A. To make it more interesting they re-roll to hit 1s with their Scything Talons. With Move Through Cover and Fleet they should get at the enemy real soon. But that´s not enough, they also roll 3D6 when running and choose the highest. So the math sais, you should be able to charge an opponent within 17" (6" movement, 5" run and 6" charge). With 3 dice you have a 50/50 chance to roll a 6 on running, a 5 should be almost guaranteed ... except you´re not favoured by lady average and the dice deamons.

Give them Furious Charge or Poisoned (4+) if you want.

Although you can´t upgrade them by adjusting Nids (except Synapse and Feel no Pain,...) they can be worth the points. Use them as quick units and suprise your opponent by charging on the spot you want.

Xenology Tyranids 13 TR Termagant Brood

Starting Abilities:
With a average profile and a 6+ Sv these are the ultimate sacrificial troops in the Codex. They come with a Fleshborer as a short range weapon and can Move Through Cover for more maneuvring effectiveness.

As a troop choice based on shooting you can equip your Termagants with 3 different short range weapons and 2 different middle range weapons with option of choosing pinning, twin linked and other suprises. You can even make them harder in cc by giving them poisoned attacks(4+) or furious charge.

The Scuttling Swarm:
Now this one is nice. For each Termagant unit you can get a Tervigon as troops choice. So 3 units Termagants allow you to field 3 Tervigon as troops, no matter the size of the Termagant units. With that beasts you will get hard troops for claiming mission objectives and get your Termagant units harder. Just check my previous Tervigon article.

On first sight this little guys don´t seem interesting, but they can open you some options how to hurt your opponent really baaaaaaaad. You can buy this guys en masse and it won´t hurt you when you lose them. Their contra are their low stats but on the other hand they are troop choice and can win some cc just by outnumbering their opponents, and guys ... don´t forget the Tervigon.

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Blood Bowl 4. Spiel Skaven VS Untote

Und wieder einmal ging es an einem schönen Wochenende an ein kleines Spielchen Blood Bowl. Die Untoten haben bis jetzt die numerische Überlegenheit und ich kämpfe stets hart um jeden Punkt. Aber hier erstmal wie sich das Spiel entwickelt hat:

Gleich im ersten Spielzug konnte ich Rene den Ball entreißen und ihn in meiner Hälfte in Sicherheit bringen. Rene entsandte einen Ghoul, es fehlte ihm jedoch die Bewegung um meine Ratte zu blitzen. Im nächsten Spielzug also eine wiederholbare 2+ zum ausweichen und die Party kann steigen.

Ja ne, ist klar. Ich würfle eine Doppeleins und der Ghoul kann punkten ... super! 1-0 für die Untoten.

Ich mache einige Manöver, vergeige aber die Ballaufnahme. Wieder entsendet Rene einen Ghoul.

Ich beschäftige das Mittelfeld und versuche über die linke Flanke vorzudringen, welche Rene bald unter Druck setzt. Also werfe ich den Ball perfekt zu einer meiner Geschick 4 Ratte welche das Leder natürlich wieder nicht fängt.

Trotz Bedrängnis kann ich den Ball auf die linke Flanke zurückwerfen und kann bald auf 1-1 ausgleichen.

Zu Beginn der zweiten Halbzeit formiert Rene gleich mal seinen altbewährten Knochenkasten und rückt unglaublich langsam vor.

Jeglicher Widerstand wird mit Leichtigkeit beseitigt und mir wird klar, warum dieser Vorstoß so langsam vonstatten geht. Rene will an meiner Touchdownlinie seinen Knochenkasten beibehalten und danach nur mehr Blocken um im 8. Spielzug auf 2-1 zu erhöhen und mich einer Ausgleichschance berauben. Aber als Skaven denke ich gerissen und erlaube ihm seinen Knochenkasten an meiner Touchdownlinie aufzubauen. Denn ich habe einen Plan.

Der Plan geht auf, als er tatsächlich diese Strategie verfolgt. Allerdings komme ich mit einem abstrakten Zug seinem Plan voraus und Blocke einen Untoten im 6. Spielzug so, daß ich seinen Ghoul mit dem Ball in die Touchdownlinie hineinschubse und damit für ihn den Punkt erziele. Damit steht es 2-1 und ich habe noch genau 2 Spielzüge Zeit um auszugleichen.

Alles oder nichts! Ich blocke auf beiden Seiten einen Untoten und flitze mit meinen Läufern 9 Felder vor. In Renes Zug kann er einen Flitzer zu Boden werfen, doch der andere stellt sich in die Touchdownlinie und versucht den Ball zu fangen. Der Wurf gelingt perfekt und das Fangen mit einer ungebrauchten Trainingsmarke auch. 2-2 Der Plan mit dem taktisch wertvollen Eigentor hat super funktioniert und ich bin wieder im Spiel.

Ich positioniere nur die 3 Pflichtspieler in die Todeszone, der Rest wartet hinten. Trotz 11 Untoten und 1 sehr üblen Foul (wie man auf dem Photo sehen kann) werden meine Ratten maximal nur betäubt.

Nach dem Spiel ist Renes Team auf 15 Untote angewachsen und ein Verfluchter steigert auf Geschick 4. Bei mir ändert sich nichts, aber im nächsten Spiel rechne ich bei 3 von meinen 13 Spielern mit einer Steigerung. Langsam wird es aber dennnoch eng, da Rene viele Verluste schlucken kann, während mir jeder Spieler in der KO Box weh tut und seine Spieler zum ersten schwerer zu töten und zum zweiten billiger nachzukaufen sind. Mal sehen was die Zukunft bringt. Im moment steht es:

1 Sieg für Rene
1 Sieg für meine Skaven
2 Unentschieden

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Xenology Tyranids 12 TR Genestealer Brood

Starting Abilities:
WS6, S4, I6, 2A, and Rending makes them a very nice cc unit. They should get to the enemy real soon as they have the special rules Fleet, Infiltrate and Move Through Cover. You can even make a Flankcharge with their Infiltrate ability. The Genestealers ignore Instinctive Behaviour and have two nice psychic powers, if you chose the option of a Broodlord.

Upgrade your models with Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands or Toxin Sacs, get them all if you want. But a really neat option is to take the Broodlord as a unit character. And this guy is tough. WS7, S5, T5, 3W, I7, 4A. You can even upgrade him with Scything Talons, Implant Attack and Acid Blood. And just don´t forget his psychic powers. -1Ld to enemy units within 12" (cumulative) and a chance that a model in base contact can´t strike this cc phase. Just choose the guy with the big fist or the one who looks like Wolverine.

If you upgrade this unit or not doesn´t matter. The sense is to strike hard and fast in order to clean one flank (with any mission objectives) and make it easier to win the game.

Scything Talons (re-roll 1s to hit)
Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs (Furious Charge and Poison 4+)
Broodlord with Scything Talons and Implant Attack


This is a hard hitting unit but due to the lack or armour (5+ and 4+ Broodlord) you will need to use every cover you can get.

Xenology Tyranids 11 TR Tyranid Warrior Brood

Starting abilities:
T4, 3W and a 4+ Sv makes them average. Well, the Toughness isn´t high and the Sv can be ignored by many weapons, if not ignored, you can count 50% of your armour Sv failed. They´ve got a middle range 3-shots weapon and scything talons. But what makes them really cool is, that they are Troop choice and Synapse Creatures. Of course they have the Shadow in the Warp.


With the options, you can define your brood in a certain direction. Which role will they have omn the battlefield? Cc Warriors with rending claws, boneswords, tentacle whip and the apropriate biomorphs or will you concentrate on their middle range firepower with the option to take a long range waepon? Unfortunatelly you can´t mix the upgrades in order to redirect wounds, instead you must upgrade the whole Brood in the chosen direction.

cc Warriors:
Boneswords (no Sv)
Scything Talons (re-roll 1s to hit)
Adrenalin Glands & Toxin Sacs (furious Charge and Poison 4+)

1 Barbed Strangler or Venon Cannon (depending on the opponent)
Spinefist or Deathspitter or you may just keep the Devourer

Lash-whip and Bonesword (-1A for enemies in base contact and no Sv)
1 Barbed Strangler or Venon Cannon (depending on the opponent)
Scything Talons (re-roll 1s to hit)
Adrenal Glands (Furious Charge)

This is the most flexible Troops choice in the Codex. Ok, you can upgrade other choices too, but the Warriors can get a Tyranid Prime to increase them even further and with a wise usage of cover Sv they will survive long enough to be a real pain in the ass for your dear opponent.

Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Xenology Tyranids 10 EL Ymgarl Genestealer Brood

Starting Abilities:
Very nice cc unit. With WS6, S4, I6 and 2A with rending, this guys can make your day. They have Brood Telepathy and thus ignore Instinctive Behaviour, but it even gets better.

Special Rules:
With Move Through Cover and fleet you should be able to get to the enemy really soon. In addition, they can start the game Dormant, which means, that they are not deployed with the rest of your army, instead you secretly write down in which piece of terrain they are lying dormant in. When available from reserve, they are deployed within this terrain and can move and assault in the same turn they arrived. So they are a perfect sneaky unit. The only thing is, if the terrain is occupied by enemies when the Ymgarl killers come into game, all models which can´t be deployed in this piece of terrain are destroid.
Another thing that makes them great is their Alter Form rule which forces you to upgrade your Genestealers for free. Each cc phase they can choose between +1S, +1A and +1T, but not the same alteration in two consecutive player turns.

A very good and unpredictible unit (well, for the enemy) which can strike fast and furious. With luck, you will be able to get the whole brood into cc without losing even one of your precious Ymgarl Genestealers to enemy fire. But it is also risky, because of the terrain you have to choose. If it´s occupied, they go straight to hell.

Xenology Tyranids 9 EL Pyrovore Brood

Starting Abilities:
With T4, 2W and a 4+Sv the Pyrovore is everything else but a hard nut. It´s avarage. But the weapons and biomorphs make the difference. This is a short range specialist. With the Flamespurt it can fire a Template with S5 and AP4. Its only naturally that the Pyrovore comes into cc, so the only one attack with which this creature can strike ignores Sv and when the Pyrovore is slain by a wound that inflicts instant death, it can deal additional damage. If this creature survives a cc phase, it also can deal damage to all enemy models in base contact.

I´m not sure if this creature can earn its points in battle, because it has to come into close range to fire its main weapon. Thats the theory, we´ll see what the praxis brings. I don´t expect to see many Pyrovires at tournaments, but let´s see what other Hive Mindes can do with this creature.

Xenology Tyranids 8 EL Zoanthrope Brood

Starting Abilities:
With T4, 2W and a 5+Sv he is easy prey for the enemies of the Swarm. To compensate this, the Zoanthrope has a Warp Field which grants a 3+ invunerable Sv. Important for the swarm is his synapse and a bonus vs enemy psykers Warp Field.

Psychic Powers:
This is what makes a Zoantrophe interesting. With Warp lance we have a s10 Lance waepon at BS4 against tanks. So no more Land Raiders as a pain in the ass for most hives. There is no better Front than 12, that means a 2 for a glancing hit and a 3+ for a pretty blown up tank with AP1. Against Marines and other partykillers with a 3+Sv, the Zoantrophe can also throw a S5 AP3 Blast.

Not the best characteristics, but our best chance to get enemy tanks out of action at long range. In cc we always can count on our Monstrous Creatures, but on long range, Zoantrophes are the best we can field into battle.

Xenology Tyranids 7 EL Venomthrope Brood

Starting Abilities:
The Venomtrophe is a defence specialist. As such it has to be used in a defensive role. With Lash Whips it can slow down your opponents effectivness in cc and maybe kill some models with his 2 attacks and toxic Miasma.

Special Rules:
Venomthrope´s attacks are poisoned (2+) but the one thing this creature is made for is the Spore Cloud which grants any friendly units within 6" a 5+ cover Sv and they count as being armed with defensive grenades VS enemy non-vehicle units. Besides any non-vehicle units that charge one of these units within 6" has to take a dangerous terrain test. The benefit is lost, if the Venomthrope gets slain, so take care of this unit. Place the creature behind other LOS blocking creatures or give it a 4+ cover Sv from other of your units infront of the Venomthrope.

Xenology Tyranids 6 EL Lictor Brood

Starting Abilities:
In the new codex, Lictors can be fielded in units of 1 to 3 models, which makes them a better hitting unit. Starting the game in reserve they can be placed anywhere on the table but more then 1" from enemy units. They can´t move or assault in the turn they arrive but they can shoot. Something new compared to the old Codex. Now they can shoot with their flesh hooks which make 2 S6 shots with rending. As ever they are effecting your units in reserve which get +1 to their reserve rolls (not in the same turn, the lictor himself has arrived from reserve)

In cc Lictors excel with rending claws and scything talons, hitting everything in cover on initiative and special rules like hit and run. To get faster to the party he hast Fleet and Move Through Cover.

In further articles I will explain how to use units hand in hand with other units, but I feel the urge to give some advice regarding the Lictors. Maybe its tempting to place the Lictor within the range of his Flesh Hooks in order to kill one model or two. But what will happen after that? With 5+Sv and 3W per Lictor a 3 Lictors unit will possibly survive the shooting phase, but it will be crippled and reducet to one or maybe 2 models. They won´t survive the following cc phase. I suggest to place them behind cover or in a forrest. With Move Through Cover and Fleet they will be in cc next turn but increasy their survivability through the 4+ cover Sv. So don´t rush with this unit, you can do this only as a distraction or when you are following a cunning plan. But more of this in my tactic articles after the Xenology Tyranids articles.

Xenology Tyranids 5 EL Hive Guard Brood

Starting Abilities:
T6, but only 2W and a 4+ aSV. Staying behind cover and using the impaler cannon should be the best wey to use them. You can´t upgrade a Hive Guard Brood any further so all you can get from this creatures are the stuff they start with. But what they can is phantastic. With the impaler cannon you can throw 2 S8 shots at your enemy without needing any LOS. The target also gets cover Sv only when it is in direct contact with the cover which has to be between the Hive Guard and the target. The Brood comes in a unit between 1 and 3 models, so you can maximise your firepower. As they try to get into cc as soon as possible, enemy transports are the prime target for this unit. Having an armour between 10 and 12 they are the prime targets for Hive Guards.

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Xenology Tyranids 4 HQ Tyranid Prime

Starting Abilities:
As the best a Tyranid Warrior can get, the Tyranid Prime has T5, 3W and a 3+Sv. Equipped with a middle range waepon and scything talons he the weakest HQ choice, but excells in his own way. He is an independent char and raises WS & BS of a unit Tyranid Warriors he joins. And of course he is a Synapse Creature and has the Shadow in the Warp rule vs psykers.

With his 4A he has the option to get a pair of boneswords ... no Sv for the enemy and instant death test with 3D6. Thats just what you need! Go and chase some Characters! If you don´t like this, you can also choose between rending and one bonesword & lash whip. Which way do you want to go? Change the Devourer for rending or scything claws, maybe spinefist or deathspitter? You can also give him furious charge, poisoned attacks or regeneration.


Shooty Warrior:
Give him a Deathspitter and join a large Tyranid Warriors unit, so they can benefit of the increased BS. Maybe a lashwhip for stealing the attacks from charging enemies.

cc Assassin:
Join a Tyranid Warriors unit to increase their BS&WS if you want.
Pair of Boneswords to get nasty VS charas
Scything Talons for re-rolling each 1 on to hit rolls
Adrenalin Glands for furious charge (you won´t need poison any more)

Join a Tyranid Warriors unit to increase their BS&WS
Pair of boneswords (you already know why)
Deathspitter (3 S5 shots at BS4 + some additional stuff from the unit you joined)
Furious Charge only in case you intend to charge something.

This creature seems to be the weakest HQ choice but its just cool.
1. As a independent chara it can hide in units so your synapse can´t be broken so easily.
2. He is the only HQ choice which can choose 2 Bonswords and benefit from the 3D6 test against instant death
3. Your Tyranid Warriors get deadlier when he increases their abilities
4. He is a cheep HQ choice with multi effects and synapse function.
5. When he joins a large Tyranid Warriors unit, he will survive long enough (if you keep being in cover for terrain or Venomthrope) so you don´t need the regeneration he can get.

Xenology Tyranids 3 HQ Tervigon

Starting Abilities:
Another Monstrous creature with T6 and a 3+ Sv but with excellent 6W. Also a synapse creature, psyker and a shadow in the warp guy, the Tervigon is a gants specialist. Before he moves he can spawn termagants within 6" which can move, shoot and charge. So if you have enemies within 17,99" range you have a unit to charge with. There is a chance that something goes wrong by spawning Termagants in which case the Tervigon can´t spawn anymore for the reminder of the game. As a Progenitor the Tervigon grants the benefits of his furious charge and poison attacks (if upgraded) to all Termagant units within 6" in addition they have the counter attack rule. But take care of your Tervigon, because if he gets slain, the surrounding Termagaunts can get serious damage. He can increase his synapse range to 18" on a psychic test and is equipped with a middle range S5 weapon.


You can equip this creature to increase his cc potential with talons or crushing claws and a lot of biomorphes. You can even upgrade his stinger salvo into a large blast weapon.

Psychic Powers:

Take one or both: give one of your units the ability to run AND shoot. Feel no Pain on a friendly unit within 12"

The Tervigon is a supporter, but he can also take care of himself. Wisely played he can help you win in critical situations. Just by upgrading your Termagaunts or making a suprise attack of a fresh spawned breed. On the other hand he can help your units survive longer with feel no pain. A perfect supporter. In cc he hast 4-8 attacks, depending on the options you take. But beware. If he dies, he can take a lot of your Termagants with him to hell.

Xenology Tyranids 2 HQ Tyrant Guard Brood

Starting Abilities:
T6 but "just" 2W and a 3+Sv. These guys need protection even though they´re made for protecting the Hyve Tyrant. So watch out for cover Saves. With Rending and reroll all 1s to hit in cc they are not so bad, although they don´t ignore Sv if they don´t roll a 6 to wound. If the guarded Hive Tyrant dies these guys become really nasty. They get the furious charge and rage rule, so don´t mess up with them.

Unfortunatelly you must upgrade your entire brood so you can´t mix lash wips and bone swords. But just think about it: bone swords and rending - just like a baby tyrant. CAN rock and make your day.

Xenology Tyranids 1 HQ Hive Tyrant

Starting Abilities:
With T6, W4 and a 3+ Sv an hard nut to crack. Born for cc with lash whip, bonesword and scything talons. Being a monstrous creature he ignores Sv. The important thing about this guy is that he is a synapse creature, holding your Nids where they should be instead of falling into instinctive behaviour. Shadow in the warp is essential as many armies nowadays have strong psychic powers, although it has a range of 12" its very important.

Psychic Powers:
You can choose two powers out of a pool of 4. Depending on the army you´re playing against there are moral check-fall back, AP2 hits which can regenerate your W, reducing WS and BS to 1 and Ld test-suffer wound without armour.
Will you play offensive and kill models or will your tyrant have a psychic supporting role?

Here you can definately increasy his chances in cc or make a shooty monster of him. Mostly with AP5 you can throw a lot of shots at the enemy (lots of shots or templates), relying on the opponent failing his Sv or just right out kill softer targets like Orks or Imps. You can make him re-roll all missed cc attacks, give him furious charge, poisoned attacks, let your cc opponent make an I test for each inflicted wound, instant death, automatic wounds for in base contact enemy models. Or just give your units within 6" the preffered enemy rule. Make your tyrant tougher with regeneration, force units to make a Ld test if they want to charge you or a 2+ Sv. You can also give +1 to your reserves.


Shooty Tyrant:
The Horror (if not Fearless units get to close)
Leech Essence (just in case for upgraded regeneration)
Haevy Venom cannon & Brainleech Worms (against tanks and light tanks)
Stranglethorn cannon & twin-linked deathspitter (vs soft targets with pinning)
any Thorax Swarm (Templates are so cool. Choose between S5, wound on 2+ or rending)

Cc Tyrant:
2 scything talons (re-roll missed cc to hit rolls)
Old Adversary (preffered enemy 4 all Nids within 6")
Biomorphs (Take as many as you want: Furious Charge, poison, instant death,...)
Wings (just to get to the party in time)

Leech Essence (upgraded regeneration)
Paroxym (WS & BS 1 on a enemy unit just to make it easier)
Stranglehorn cannon (with S6, large blast for large targets and pinning 4 everyone)
Old Adversary (preffered enemy 4 all Nids within 6")
Adrenal Glands, toxic miasma (furious charge, additional attacks)
Armoured Shell (2+ Sv)

With a Hive Tyrant you have a monster which can easily slay through haevy and light infantry and tanks in cc. You can also equip him with firepower which can hurt tanks and infanty as well. Just don´t forget the pinning with the stranglehorn cannon. He can survive long with a armoured shell, regeneration and leech essence. And the most important thing is his synapse. So guard him well! If you do this with cover saves or a Tyrant Guard Brood is your choice.

Next to come: Tyrant Guard Brood

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

Hive Fleet Arachnia & Xenology Tyranids

There comes a time,
where we heed a certain call.
When the hive, must come, together as one.
There are people dying.
And its time to lend a claw,
to DNA, the greatest gift of all.

Ok, guys. This is nothing about Michael Jackson and "We are the World", but it´s about my new army:


Its the Hive Fleet Arachnia approaching to my local store and consuming my mind. In future articles I will introduce my fleet with pics about Battle Reports, painting and assembling the fleet.

Other articles to come about the Tyranids will be the Xelology Tyranids articles. Here I will pick one army list entry after another and write my thougths about them. How to use the options, which upgrades work together and so on. After studying the possible uses of the creatures on the battlefield, I will post some reccomendation how those can work hand in hand in order to get maximum DNA out of those who stand in the way of a hive.

So stay tuned, I´m studying the hive tyrant for my first article Xenology Tyranids

Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Dark Elves VS Bretonia Warhammer Fantasy 2nd game

Welcome, hags and lords, to my second game warhammer fantasy with my dark elves. First I want to state, that I made a list vs vampire counts, but my dear opponent faced a khemri, so i had to challenge our second bretonia gamer. Unable to change my army list due to a lack of miniatures, I tested the following list in order to prove it being competitive also at tournaments, where you never know which army your next opponent will play. So here is the list:

Dreadlord on CO, Shield, SDCloak. Poison of Strenght, Caledors Bane, Armour of eternel servitude =GENERAL
Sorc. lvl2, scroll, sacrificial dagger (Chillwind, word of pain)
Sorc. lvl2, scroll, darkstar cloak (fire spells 1,2)
Sorc. lvl2, scroll, focus familiar, dark steed (metal spells 1,3)
20 warriors
2x10 RXB
19 corsairs, fc, sea serpent standard
5 COK, Champ
7 witch elves
6 shades, gw
+ ass, manbane, rune of khaine

Again, this was the list vs undead, where I wanted to hunt zombies with the witches, erase blood knights with manbane and so on. But it came the other way I supposed it to be, so I had to face Bretonians instead.

5 units knights, pegasus birdies, 2 mages, 2 units bowmen with fire arrows (damned my hydra) and a trebuchet. ok, that means firepower vs firepower and bretonian lances vs my cc-units. On my first turn I was unable to deal any damage and I remained static.

Instead of running towards me, my dear opponent prefered to move just a little bit and kill 1 RXB ... thats ok to me.

I rearranged my front for the incoming knights on my left flank, while the witches marched forward to get in a flank in following combats or just to claime a tablequarter. Seeing that he wouldn´t be able to charge my hydra because she wasn´t in the LOS, I marched forward with her to cause some terrific ld-tests next turn.

The Bretonians changed their battle line again, but forgot to consider the LOS for the next turn. Obviously he didn´t thought about me rushing into his deployment zone.

BOOOOOH! Here comes the Hydra, but unfortunatelly just one unit bowmen retreated from the terror causing beast. In the meanwhile I got rid of the trebuchet. RXB are just sooo cool when they double-shoot. On my left flank i sent my sorceress as a prey, in order to provoke a charge from the bretonians. That would end in a fleeing sorc and charging COKs (yes, I know charging COKs sounds very silly, but its short for Cold One Knights, like COC/Cold one Chariot ... damn shorting :o) )

After some further maneuvring from the bretonian side, I charged one knights unit with my hydra and the shades, while I "miscalculated" the charging distance of my COC (damn, its short for Cold One Chariot ok? For the last time now! :o) ). Another bait for my dear opponent. Come on now! Charge and let me start a countercharge.

As predicted the knights turned the tail and ran away from my hydra but I rolled to low for pursuing (4 and 5!!). And now to the Bretonians, come on, charge damn it.

Oh, before I forget, the right flank was a firepower duel between the archers, where I just could hit on 5 and 6 (double-shooting rocks). I managed to get the villagers running, but they rallied again. The bretonian sorc was reduced to 1 wound.

Yes sir! The bretonians charged and killed the COC. Unfortunately the Great Weapon guys managed to pursue 17 inches and so they charged my suprised corsairs.

In the meanwhile my witches were slaughtered by a knights unit. You just can´t see it on the pics, because they were doomed by me to redirect 1 knights unit from the real fights, so I didn´t care of making any pics. More important were 3 charges in my turn as you can see on the pic. Da plan: Corsairs - please don´t die, I even charged with the sorc (she got +1a and +3str from a fire spell), hydra&shades - keep the unit out of important fights and stand your ground, CoKs - kill, kill, kill ! !

WTF??? The corsairs didn´t just survive, they killed 1 knight and another through the sorc so the knights fled through my CoKs and vanished. My COKs massacred the birdie riders, but my hydra fled from the combat - again. Like in the last game. i will have to reconsider her role in my battle plan.

Well, this is about the last 2 turns. In the 4th I lost my shades and assassin. In my 5th turn the hydra rallied just to be killed in the following charge by the decimated knights of the grail. But something about the grail guys. I concentrated my whole firepower on them to get a little bit more then 200 point if I can reduce them below 30% thus kill 6 of ´em. After 6 RBT shots, 38 RXB shots and some magical power, I managed it. Finally my RBT got charged and slain by the bretonian core knights.

The game ended in a minor victory for me - 496 points difference. I´ve played unsuspectivly against bretonia (again!) but it was fun though. :o)

Things I´ve learned today:
- Hydra needs support in the opponent´s flank or she should be supporting herself
- Shades & Ass. should be supporters or work hand in hand with a CoB
- COC rocks vs infantry (probably) but vs cavalry its to slow
- I still need a rulebook and manbane sucks vs bretonia

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

Blood Bowl 3. Kampagnenspiel mit Skaven

HEY, HEY, blutdürstige Blood Bowl Fans! Wir befinden uns hier in der Blood Bowl Arena des Vampirgrafen Rene und dürfen statt den johlenden Fans, die stöhnenden Untoten als Zuschauer begrüßen. Die Skkaven tanzen mit ihren restlichen 11 Spielern an, während die Untoten mit 14 Kadavern auf das Spielfeld schlurfen. Es ist das 3. Spiel zwischen den zwei Teams und die Ratten sind sichtlich reduziert, sodaß das Kräfteverhältnis sich zugungsten der Untoten verlagert hat. Doch die Handycap Tabelle ergab einen Zwist zwischen dem Kick Off Return Ghoul und einer Mumie, sodaß diese beiden Spieler heute nicht gemeinsam auf dem Spielfeld stehen werden. Aber genug der Vorreden, der Schiri pfeift bereits das Spiel an.

Das Team The Fast and The "Fur"ious versucht über die nördliche Spielfeldseite mit einem Läufer durchzubrechen, während es im eigenen Raum das Leder in Besitz hält. Das Team TOT kontert aber die Sturmratte unsanft zu Boden und schickt einen grimmig aussehenden Repräsentanten in die Aufstellungszone der Ratten um das Eigentumsrecht am Ball zu "diskutieren".

Die Skaven stürmen nun auch durch die Mitte des Feldes, wo sich ein Untoter als Wand aufbaut. Der Repräsentant der Untoten verhandelt um den Ball, kann aber sein Gegenüber nur ein Feld zurückschubsen.

Ab durch die Mitte heißt es für die Skaven und Renn-Ratz stellt sich auf die Touchdownlinie und winkt wie irre mit den Armen. Flitz-Ratz löst sich aus den Verhandlungsgesprächen, rennt zur Mitte des Spielfelds und wirft den Ball zu seinem Kumpel Renn-Ratz, der das Leder geschmeidig aus der Luft pflückt. TOUCHDOOOOOWN!! 1-0 für die Skaven.

Die Untoten haben den Ball und besinnen sich auf ihre Knochenbox-Taktik. Doch diesmal versuchen die Skaven nicht sich irgendwie durchzumogeln, sondern wählen den harten Weg. Ein Skaven und 3 Untoten liegen danach im Dreck.

Die Untoten prügeln sofort zurück, versagen aber trotz Trainingsmarke. Dankbar für das Ausbleiben kräftiger Prügeleinheiten, stürzen sich die Ratten wild auf ihre morschen Widersacher und fällen 3 Skelette, 1 Ghoul, 1 Verfluchten und 1 Mumie. Wie durch ein Wunder gibt es hier keine Toten ... na ja, ... ihr wisst schon was ich meine.

Doch was ist das??? In ihrem Prügelwahn haben die Skaven einen Ghoul übersehen, der auf die Touchdownlinie sprintet um danach elegant den Pass seines Mitghouls fängt. TOUCHDOOOOOWN!!!!! Dämliche Skaven! Prügeln gehört ja dazu, aber sie haben den Ball außer Acht gelassen. Tststs!

Es ist der 8. Spielzug in der ersten Hälfte und die Skaven haben das Ei. Aber ... aber ... aber was soll denn der Blödsinn??? Wissend, daß sie keine Chance haben in einem einzigen Spielzug zu punkten, ziehen sich alle Ratten zurück, damit sie unverschont von der Wut der Untoten bleiben. Miese feige Ratten!! DA!! Da fällt sogar noch eine Ratte auf den Zinken. Schade, dass sie keinen Schaden davon trug, fieses Rattenpack. Na gut, wir sehen uns in der zweiten Hälfte.

Äääääh ja, liebe Zuschauer. Als allererstes möchte ich mich wegen meines Rüden Tons gegenüber den tapferen Recken der glorreichen Mannschaft The Fast and The "Fur"ious entschuldigen. Natürlich waren ihre Aktionen in der ersten Spielhälfte alles anders als feige, sondern taktisch brilliant und äußerst durchdacht. Weiters auch mein ergebener Dank an den gütigen, unbekannten Spender des mit Käse belegten Brötchens. Leider war ich bereits satt und konnte bei bestem Willen dieses lecker radioaktiv grün leuchtendes Meisterwerk nicht verspeisen. Ich habe verstanden!

Und weiter gehts in der zweiten Spielhälfte in der die *schluck* tapferen Skaven gleich ins Feindesland stürmen um den Ball zu konfiszieren, während die Untoten wieder fest um sich dreschen.

Die Untoten verstärken ihre Reihen und nehmen den Ball auf, während die Skaven den Druck auf diese Stelle des Spielfelds ausüben, indem sie alles dorthin werfen, was noch nicht im Dreck liegt.

Die Untoten werden einer nach dem anderen umgeholzt, als sich die numerische Überlegenheit der Skaven zeigt. Weiters nutzen sie auch ihre Beweglichkeit um den Untoten möglichst wenig Bewegungsraum zu bieten.

Aber die Untoten können sich aus dem Würgegriff befreien und werfen den Ball in ein unbewachtes Stück Spielfeld, wo es auch von einem Ghoul gefangen wird.

Die Skaven reagieren sofort und umzingeln den neuen Ring ... äh ... Ballträger um ihn auch gleichzeitig umzurempeln. Der Ball fliegt in die Südtribühne, wo er mit voller Wucht eines Zombies unglaubliche 5 Centimeter ins Spielfeld geschoben wird. Na ja. Wie wir wissen sollten Zombies lieber auf dem Friedhof umher schlurfen, statt Bälle zu werfen.

Tja, liebe Zuschauer, ein Ghoul des Teams TOT rennt in die Touchdownzone und bekommt den Ball perfekt zugeworfen. TOUCHDOO ... MOMENT ... ER LÄSST IHN FALLEN!!! Der Ball eiert dem Ghoul aus den Händen und fällt in die Westtribühne. So ein Mist! Trotz Trainingsmarke lässt dieses Windei den Ball fallen. Der Ghoul wird noch bleicher als er ohnehin ist und wechselt bedeutungsschwere Blicke mit dem Vampirtrainer Rene. Wie dem auch sei, der Ball wird wieder von einem Skavenfan aus der Westtribühne aufs Spielfeld geworfen. Und der landet in der Nordtribühne wo ihn ein Zombiefan akkurat zurück aufs Spielfeld returniert. Dementsprechend landet der Ball wieder in der Westtribühne, wo ihn der Skavenfan ins Auge abkriegt. Fluchend schleudert er den Ball zurück, doch der verfehlt die Nordtribühne um Weiten und landet in der Südtribühne. MANN!! Kommt er auch wieder aufs Spielfeld?? Oje, er fliegt wieder in Richtung eines Zombies. Aber was war das?? Habe ich da nicht gerade einen dunklen Mantel und eine Skavenzehe vorbeihuschen sehen?? Hmmm, kann sein, aber nach dem Käsebrötchen mache ich lieber keine Mutmaßungen mehr!

Der Ball landet also direkt hinter Überfluss-Ratz. Wurf-Ratz nimmt sich des Leders an und wirft ihn zu Renn-Ratz, der sich in der Zwischenzeit vom Feind gelöst hat und an der Touchdownlinie der Untoten auf den Ball wartet. Ein Wurf, ein Fang, TOUCHDOOOOOWN!!! Unglaublich! Mit viel Glück ergattern die Skaven den Ball und können tatsächlich noch mit 2-1 in Führung gehen.

Der letzte Spielzug bricht an und die Untoten sind am Zug. WAS??? Diese feigen Rattlinge verduften schon wieder alle vom Spielgeschehen und lassen nur 3 ihrer Spieler als Opfer in der "da-will-ich-nicht-hin-Zone". Miese, fiese, feige Ratten!! Leider wird ihnen kein Haar gekrümmt, womit dieses Spiel 2-1 für die Skaven ausgeht. Ein erster Sieg für die Skaven, die sich mit ihrer feigen Taktik nun leise aber schnell aus dem Stadion schleichen.

In den Tribühnen der Untoten wird noch gegrübelt wie man das Gold ausgeben soll, während ein Skelett die Fähigkeit Blocken erlernt. Ebenso geht es bei den Skaven zu, die aber wahrscheinlich noch einen Spieler einkaufen werden und die Fähigkeit für den Läufer Renn-Ratz steht noch offen. Soviel zu einem interessanten und etwas feigen Spiels seitens der Ratten. Ich melde mich nun aus der Kommentatorenbox ab und genehmige mir noch was zu essen ... mmmmmm ... ein leckerer grüner Apfel ... .