Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Painting Druchii - Black Guard

Because my local retailer made some suspicious decisions about when his painting contest would expire, I missed to bring in my models. But anyway, the painting of my own army must go on. So instead of leading you precious reader through a painting guide, I would like to interduce you the finished parts of my Druchii Corsair themed army. Lets just start with the Black Guard:

Starting with just 10 models I had to apply about 80 layers of colouron just this unit which will consist of 20 models when the work is done, my fingers broken and my temper raised.

I tried to copy the colours from the Dark Elves Army Book. So I managed to get some icy blue grey, gold and purple & pink. I made the pink shine using flourescent magenta.

In order to represent the cold and rocky (not Balboa) nature of their homelands, I decided to apply rocks and snow. Now I have to build a propper showcase. Poor me!

I magnetised the bases by gluing a magnet on the models bases and a € 0,01 coin on the regiment base. Now I can say, my work is really worth something - at least 20 cent!!

Ok, one cent is broken down, so 19 left. It looks some kind of odd with all this coins sticking around, but magnetising helps a lot in game. I would like reccommend this to everybody out there.

Please don´t toss me into a pit full of Witch elves, but this is my first try on a freehand. I´ve never ever tried freehands. So this is how it looks after about 20 layers of colour and an unexperienced (free)hand.
 This will be my sight of the miniatures when I go to war in a game. But hopefully with a full 3rd and 4th rank. On the 2nd coin in the 4th rank you can see the small magnet I used on the under side of the models bases.

Here you can see more of their red hair and of course the robes. The colours are not exactly melting into eachother, but next time I promise to use more water to thin my colours and get that effect.

So, thats it for this time. Next will be the War Hydra or some commission work pics on Warhammer 40.000 Chaos Space Marines I´m working on from time to time. In the meanwhile be nice to your colours and brushes and let the dice roll.