Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Painting Druchii 1 - bases

As I´m always busy with commission painting, my own miniatures have always to wait. So a painting contest is the best way to get myself motivated to paint my own stuff. My retailer has started such a contest, so the decision to unpack my dusty Druchii was very tempting. The categories are  "character", "unit" and "monster". So these are the units I´ll participate with:

"CHARACTER" - Malus Darkblade

"UNIT" - Black Guard

"MONSTER" - Hydra with beastmasters

So far, the bases are done, of course without static gras, flock and so on. The colour range (Vallejo Model Colour) I used is the following:

- 161 London Grey
- 158 Medium Sea Grey
- 154 Sky Grey

- 140 Flat Brown
- 135 Beige Brown
- 132 Brown Sand
- 124 Iraqui Sand

- 140 Flat Brown

Next step will be painting skin, so stay tuned.

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