Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Wind of Change

As I´m not making any progresses on my blog, I thought about closing it. But although I probably could spare myself some evil glances and beating from my lovely wife, I decided not to.
So I will change something on my Blog. I´ll need a few days, but I hope it will give me some reasons to work more often in here and change my blogs design in a more positive and inviting way.

Next few things I want to do is to crawl in my bedroom (without waking Susi), grab my cigarettes and steal away to my laptop and get myself killed in Warhammer Online.

So folks, thats all for now. Look out for the changes and some new articles like my fresh painted commision works and the outcome of my 4th Warhammer Fantasy tournament ... this time with a Dark Elf Corsair Army.


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