Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Just for Pago, because he is so annoying

All right, all right! I give up! Although the pics from our last Mortheim session aren´t really good, here is your upload Pago. I hope you´re happy now. *sniff* :-)
Pago grabs his dice to unleash their power upon the battlefield.
 Another wiev on the Mortheim city.
 The battlefield seen from the Skaven eyes.
 The Dwarf´s panorama.
 "Hello, Papa Pago!"
 Pago´s first dice roll - "I can feel the force in these one!"
 The Carnival of Chaos and the dice of death!
 Skaven Sling-Swinger party.
 My grim dwarfs.
 My deployment on the panorama view.
 Row, row, row, you rats. Squeaking down the street.
 The Unclean Ones are coming.
 See the trees getting brown.
 A clash between two unhygienic forces.
 After firing of about 35 slingshots, 1 Nurgling is stunned and 3 Skaven out of action.
 The toilet boy after finishing his job between the trees. Guess which tree he chose. Hint: brown!
The fate of the Skaven is sealed as the Carnival breaches their lines.

After this I forgot to take pics. But the Skaven routed, and 6 of my Dwarfs charged one single Brute, resulting in a dead Slayer - "mmmmh!". Fortunately the Carnival routed next turn, so I won undeserved.

So, thats a short overwiev on our last Mortheim Skirmish. Next time I hope I won´t forget taking the pics and can deliver a better BatRep.

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