Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Next project until the Infinity Military Order comes in

In one week or two, my Infinity Military Order starter box will arrive, so I´ve got plenty of time to glue my Dark Elves and maybe paint some. Those who have been following my Blog or YouTube channel, know with what I´ve been busy in the last few weeks. But however, these are the miniatures I´ll glue, and some kind of preview on my Druchii Corsair based army:
1 Supreme Sorceress
1 Sorceress
1 BSB on foot
1 Noble on foot
1 Noble on steed

19 Warriors (converted)
28 Corsairs
10 RXB (converted)
5 Dark Riders
5 Dark Riders RXB
5 Dark Riders RXB

5 Shades
5 Shades
11 Cold One Knights
20 Black Guards

1 Hydra

There will be some unit fillers in the Warriors, Corsairs, Cold One Knights and the Black Guard. So I´ll have to paint less models, but on the other hand, I´ll have to think about how the unit fillers will look like. My first thought was on the Black Guard and the reason why they should fight in my army as they are obviously no corsairs. So I´m thinking about a treasure chest being offered for their services.

I hope, you had some inspiration, and until next time.


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