Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Project Druchii Corsairs

First of all, dear Lords and Hags, I would like to accomodate you to my thoughts on this project. I wanted to field a corsair list consisting of models I like (COK, Corsairs, BG) and fluffy ones (Hydra, Shades, DR, Harpies). After some constructive comments in this forum and from some friends the following, competitive so I hope, list emerged from my misty mind:


DL, CO, Armour/Eternal Servitude, Black Dragon Egg, Caledors Bane, Shield, Cloak
279 points


Sorc, Lvl2, Tome/Furion
150 points

BSB, Heavy Armour, Cloak, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Luckstone, Sword/Might
148 points


21 Corsairs, FC, SSS
260 points

20 Corsairs, FC
225 points

5 DR, XB, Muso
117 points

5 DR, XB, Muso
117 points

9 Harpies
99 points


10 COK, FC, Banner/Swiftness
325 points

20 BG, FC, Banner/Murder
320 points

5 Shades, AHW


200 points

175 points


2.500 points

And now to the ideas behind the units:

2 RBTs VS fast units like cavalry and multi wound units. If neccessary they will support my "Disturbance" units.

Shades and DR should deal with enemy skirmishers and especially DR should move behind enemy units which shall be forced to flee through my "disturbers" and suffer additional casualties. Against some small units I could also be able to charge and win.

The Sorc will get the Fire Lore. So she can play her role as a "disturbance" unit or support my other units in cc with her magic. She will be deployed in the 20 Corsairs unit.

Primary Harpies and secondary DR should take care of enemy warmachines and take them out of business before doing any extreme damage.

10 COKs and the DL should march on a flank and wheel to the centre in the first turn. Movement 7 + 1 from the banner should be enough. Then the Lord would unleash his Black Dragon Egg and soften or vaporise an enemy unit, depending on the enemy. In turn 2 the COKs should start their carnage.

The Hydra and the BG with the BSB should deal with enemy elites and be supported by the Corsairs, from which I want to see a lots of attacks and, most important, benefit from their slavers special rules.

I´ve got 5 standards in my army which is divided in:
- Hard hitting units (COK, BG, Hydra)
- Ranged offense and support (Shades, DR, RBT, Sorc)
- CC support (Corsairs, Fire Lore, sometimes even my "disturbance" units)
- Offensive defense (Harpies & DR VS warmachines)
- Once per game killers (Breath Weapons from Hydra and DL)

My deployement should look something like this:
RBT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RBT
- - - DR -HYD - COR - BG - COR - DR - HARP - - COK
----- SHADES ---------------------------------------------

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