Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

WFB Double Team Tournament 1.500 points

Due to little time left in my tabletop infested life, here a short summary of the last double tournament I participated in:

As almost usual I fielded my Dark Elves consisting of:

DL on CO with Reg Armour, Dragon Egg
2x5 DR, Muso, X-bows
6 DR, Muso, X-bows, champ
10 shades
10 COs

My dear team mate commanded his Deamons consisting of:
22 Bloodletters
Bloodletter hero
Tzeench hero
21 horrors
2x5 harpies
8 warhounds (those T5, 2A doggies)
2x5 flamers

1st game VS Deamons and WoC
This was a maneuvring game against 2 big units barbarians, hellcannon, 2 spawnes, 2x5 slaanesh riders, harpies, and some other fast stuff I just can´t remember any more. Without large CCs and mostly skirmishes involving, the game ended in a draw as both armies counted on winning a CC in the last turn. This CC costed the lives of a DL, Hydra, about 20 Bloodletters and their hero of our nice opponents, leaving a VP difference of not more then 100 points on our side.

2nd game VS Skaven and High Elves
Now this was a slaughter. We faced more then 120 rats, 8 ratlings, a warp cannon, doomwheel and on the Highelf side, about 30 spearmen, 32 swordmasters, 10 bowmen, lvl 4 mage, bolt thrower, and a CC hero. I swore to send the swordmasters to hell and I managed it in turn 2 with my Hydras and DLs Breath Attacks and some assistance of the shades. The Deamons shredded all of the Skaven footsoldiers (ok, 20 guys with general went on my account) and the spearmen. In the meanwhile the bolt thrower, warp cannon and ratlings were hunted down by my DR. A massacre over our very friendly but demoralised opponents.

3rd game VS Woodelves and Highelves
Again maneuvring and sacrificing of my DR against 20 swordmasters, 30 spearmen, 2 charriots, 3 eagles, a general, a lvl 4 mage, 20 dryades, 3 middle sized an a giant tree (why can´t I just keep their names? possibly because I´m new in WFB), 20 bowmen, lvl 4 sorceress and some other stuff I can´t remember. But this was a game against experienced gamers with some stupidity on our behalf. For my part I charged a charriot with my assassin, forgetting he´s got NO manbane (but I shredded it with my shades). On the other occasion I charged the swordmasters with my DL and yelled a challenge instead of hacking on the whole unit. Activating my Black Dragon Egg I could have kicked my own but seeing a whole of 12 hits and 10 lost wounds on the Highelf side. With the DLs 3 kills it would be a total of 13:3 without a challenge (1 lost wound, standard bearer, BSB) so he would test on a double 1 - snake eyes. But so he got overrun in the next round. In the end we killed about an equal ammount of points (we slayed a little bit more) and were in posession of more MOs, so we won the last game very slightly. This two guys we were playing against were very friendly as most of the participants (and WFB professionals if I may say), but in the last turn they had no luck and didn´t roll high enough by overrunning my Hydra in order to contest our winning MO.

In the end we were placed third and had a lot of fun rolling some dice, diving into the Warhammer world, glancing at nice painted miniatures and of course meeting our fellow hobbyists.

A big thank to the tournament directors and all the gamers and warhammer freaks as me. It was amazing and I´m looking forward to the next WFB tournament in February. Until then, I´ve got a lot of chaos space marines and Druchii to paint.


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